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    Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom


  • wide 15m / length 20m / height 7,60m
  • base area 300sm
  • roof load max 20to.
  • diverse connection to electricity, max. 400A
  • variable room acoustics
  • air conditioning & underfloor heating

Contact person:

Thomas Saur
0721 - 978 55 178

Designed as a rehearsal-, recording and event room, our in house venue Crystal Ballroom has the perfect qualification for recording, musical and technical rehearsals. The optimized and variable accoustics of the room can be adapted to the respective requirements of each customer. We are prepared to conduct full productions, band rehearsals and technical rehearsals. With our comprehensive service your only worry is to concentrate on your work.


We have the Music Store, Sound and Lighting department, Backline Rental, Preproduction,- Touring Supplies and Repair Services all under the same roof. With the Crystal Ballroom we can supply a fully equipped production office with phone lines and high speed internet, Crew Rooms, Artist Lounges and Bathrooms with showers. To top it off we have a professional industrial kitchen where we are able to prepare healthy and delicious meals during your stay.

If you take a look at the map you will see that we have the perfect location in the middle of europe. We are surrounded by 4 international and national airports (incl. Stuttgart and Frankfurt), and we also have a big international main train station in the city with stops by the ICE and TGV.

By your request we can book inexpensive hotels in walking distance and we can provide different means of transportation if you would like to visit the city.

We are looking forward to hear from you soon!


Loading Docks

Comfortable Load in/ load out on one of our three trailer height loading docks with a pushing distance of 10m to Crystal Ballroom.


Having some food, watching TV, surf the net or just relaxing on a couch... However you want to use the lounge is up to you.

Production Office

A fully equipped office with Phone, Fax, WLAN, LAN is available for your sole use.

Artist Dressing Room

The big and comfortable furnished Artist dressing room offers you all possibilities to relax.


Our professional kitchen is equipped with the most modern appliances which makes it easy to provide your favorite meals.

Nightliner Parking

There is enough room to park at least two nightliners and provide them with power.


Sound / Light / Backline

If you take a look on our current rental lists you will see that we can provide the latest and most professional equipment.

Pre Programming

We are able to provide an offline pre programming on 3D visualising to minimize your pre production costs.


With more than 1500 Sq m we can offer a full Assortment of musical instruments.

 Rock Shop

Repair Shops

Our in house repair shops for Electronics, Guitars and Wind instruments will find a quick solution for your problems.


Regarding to your requests we offer you a full Catering service. Also your Catering team is more than welcome in our house.


We are willing to pick you up from the airport, train station or your hotel. If you are more in the mood to stay in shape we also can provide bicycles.


We have the possibilities to store equipment in various sized lockers.


With two hotels in walking distance we can provide accomodations for fair prices.